12/24/2015 06:54 EST | Updated 12/25/2015 12:59 EST

Peter Mansbridge Tweets Annual Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Trip

Peter Mansbridge may have his ship together on TV, but on Dec. 24, he sails down messy store aisles, last-minute Christmas shopping for the “best bargains for all those things no one else wants.”

And it’s become an annual tradition of sorts for the CBC News anchor to pick through remnants of Christmas chachkies — live tweeting his more interesting finds.

First, he revealed he’s not into tiki idols

And got a little bit smug about this year’s green Christmas

But quickly got his wrist slapped for taunting Old Man Winter

He got critical about a store display

And stressed over finding a gift for his wife

Instead, he found a gift for Justin Trudeau

It wasn’t that hard.

He offered a reality check for “old guys”

And, like any mortal, was seduced by the promise of perfect pizza

Also, this fry stand

Complete with a “stylish” dipping-sauce holder!

But at the end of the day, he reminded Canadians what Christmas is really about

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