12/27/2015 09:10 EST | Updated 12/29/2015 12:59 EST

Trudeau Flips Knife Before Cutting Birthday Cake, Called 'Badass'


Well, this could have turned out very differently.

To mark Justin Trudeau’s 44th birthday on Christmas, the prime minister was presented with a traditional confection during a year-end interview with Global National in Vancouver.

“I think we have a little something for you to do a little pre-birthday celebration,” said anchor Dawna Friesen. In a video uploaded Friday, a cake makes its way down the aisle and the audience breaks into “happy birthday.”

The special talent reveal comes at the end when the prime minister bends down and picks up a knife off a table festooned with poinsettias. He’s supposed to cut the cake, but does something else instead.

Knife in hand and tie held back with the other, Trudeau flips the blade a full revolution before catching its handle mid-air.

The feat caught the attention of U.K. newspaper The Independent, calling Trudeau a “badass” for the public display of his party trick.

Your move, Harjit “Badass” Sajjan.

Watch the full Global National interview here.

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