11/17/2015 05:38 EST | Updated 12/29/2015 12:59 EST

Alberta Plans To Revise Legislation To Focus On Safety Of Farm Workers

Government Of Alberta

EDMONTON — Alberta has put forward legislation to redraw the rules surrounding work and safety on its 43,000 farms and ranches.

Under the proposed changes, farms and ranches would be subject to Occupational Health and Safety rules and workers would be able to receive Workers Compensation benefits if injured on the job.

The changes would also give provincial investigators the right to review any injury, accident or death related to the commercial operation of a farm.

The changes are in the proposed Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act.

Jobs Minister Lori Sigurdson says the province will now consult with stakeholders to craft the details of the legislation so that the unique work of farms and farm workers is not hindered.

The bill also proposes changes to labour relations and employment standards in areas such as work hours, vacation pay and the safety of young workers.

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