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New York Times's Top Comment Ever Is About Canada

Go "Bob" from Calgary, and Canada!

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The most popular comment of all time in The New York Times has nothing to do with the Big Apple, or even the United States — it's an ode to Canada's greatness.

Comment moderators at the renowned newspaper spend hours poring over nearly 10,000 reader-submitted comments each day.

This year, they decided to round up the site's most popular comments of all time, which happened to be penned by a Calgarian named "Bob," bragging about how awesome Canada is.

The comment was written in response to a 2010 op-ed by columnist Paul Krugman, titled "The Angry Rich." Krugman wrote about anger sweeping through the U.S. over the idea of paying higher taxes.

Bob argued he's delighted to pay higher taxes in Canada, because by paying for two per cent more he enjoys perks such as universal health care, modern infrastructure and public universities.

"To me, its a bargain!" wrote Bob.

To date, the comment has over 7,000 recommendations on the New York Times's website. You can read it in its entirety here.

Go Bob, and Canada!

UPDATE — Jan. 2, 2016: Turns out, "Bob from Calgary" is actually "Bob from Edmonton." Robert Summers, a professor at the University of Alberta, posted the comment on The New York Times' website while visiting Calgary a few years ago. In The Globe And Mail, Summers wrote he was "surprised" by the amount of attention his comment received.

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