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Meet Herry.With.An.E, A Photographer From The Prairies With A Sense Of Play

Herry With An E/Instagram

This week we got to Regina and meet a new photographer who loves to look up and has a bit of a sense of humour. Meet @Herry.With.An.E

Hello! My name is Herry — Herry with an 'e' — as I often like to introduce myself as. I'm a hobbyist photographer based in Saskatchewan, Canada (begin the 'flat' jokes). It's only about a year ago that I delved into photography, and I am proud of being a quick, but humble learner of this beautiful art. I have my love of exploring, and connecting with different people, and of course, the internet to thank, for teaching me photography. When I'm not working or taking photos, I like to watch every fictional TV show that's out there, and a movie every week. My work can be viewed at: —

What do you love taking photos of?

I love taking pictures in the mountains. Being someone living in the prairies, I'm automatically attracted to mountains. I'm always dreaming of being in the mountains. Now, I'm not complaining about living in the prairies at all, it's awesome, but sometimes it gets tough to find something different. Whereas, mountain surroundings are always interesting. Literally any direction you point your camera at will result in a good photo.

Other than mountains, I love taking pictures of the Northern lights, the famous prairie sunsets, and any kind of long exposures. —

What’s your favourite photo/instagram tip? Did you take a photo that demonstrates this?

I'm always looking to be creative with my photos. I know it's not easy trying come up with something different for every photo you take, but always keep looking for that opportunity. Specially when I'm taking outdoor photos, I always like to have a 'human element' in it, whenever I can, in hopes of differentiating my photo from thousands of other photos from the same place. It gives life to the scene, that might seem empty sometimes. I also like to play around with Photoshop a lot, like how I created lightsabers in this picture. Never hesitate to be creative. How you edit your photos is also important. Try to find your style, and try to stick with it. —

How did you get started in photography or on Instagram? Is there an early photo you want to share with us?

I've had my DSLR camera for about 10 months now, but I did quite a bit of mobile photography for a bout a year before that. I used to see all these amazing photos being taken on smartphones, that really got me into taking photos with my iPhone too, focusing on minimalism and interesting light. Getting experience in mobile photography is I think what helped me taking good photos with my camera very early on, as I already had my understanding of light and framing down.

I bought myself this cheap lens kit for iPhones for experimenting different stuff. This is a wide angle lens in my hand that I took a picture through.


Which Instagrammers do you love? Who inspires you to take better photos? Tell us about them.

Oh god, there's a lot of them. I take inspiration from wherever I can but to note down a few of my top favorites - @austin.mackay, @faultyflipflap, @jamaalism and a great ever-growing community @fromhereandaway. I love being versatile myself, and I love following versatile work as well. All of these people are part of a super versatile photographic community that is always willing to help and inspire each other by their splendid photos everyday.


Are you working on a project? Do you have something else you’d like us to mention to our followers? Let us know what it is.

Not many "projects" but I'm always getting ideas in my head to work on. I recently did Halloween-themed photos with smoke grenades, which was super fun. I also have this idea stuck in my mind to do some magician-like levitation photos. Now that winter has arrived, it's a bit tough to find motivation to get out. But I'm always looking forward to whatever opportunity I can find. —

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