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Rob Iezzi, Chilliwack Homeowner, Posts Video Of Crimes Outside His House This Year

Enough for a lengthy roundup video.

A Chilliwack, B.C. couple has created a compilation video of the many car accidents and violent outbursts that have happened at the intersection outside their home in the past year.

The nearly 15-minute clip, uploaded to YouTube Sunday, shows a shocking number of hit-and-runs, several police chases, and a fistfight between a group of young men. (Watch above.)

Rob and Nicole Iezzi, who've lived at the intersection of Reece and Williams streets for over a decade, started sharing the home surveillance videos last year after they were the target of multiple robberies.

“We’ve had to put cameras up here because our neighbourhood has come to be an extreme living zone,” Nicole told Global News last May.

Once, the couple used a paintball gun to ward off a repeat intruder.

"I didn't want to shoot him with a pellet gun, because you're going to make him bleed, like really bleed, like get stuff inside you and get infected," Rob told CTV News in 2014. "I didn't want to punch him, so a paintball just seemed like the logical thing."

The homeowner said he's stopped calling 911 over the years because the police haven't been able to help — but the RCMP insist they're taking the crimes seriously.

"We look at certain areas in Chilliwack that are high target areas in Chilliwack for property crime. We direct our resources to those areas to try to eliminate and certainly reduce those crimes," Const. Tracy Wolbeck told CBC News.

The Iezzi's YouTube channel has over 40 videos chronicling the ongoing crimes filmed outside their home.

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