12/31/2015 02:53 EST | Updated 01/04/2016 07:59 EST

Anti-Motivational Quotes Say It Like It Is

Famous sayings get to the truth of your crummy New Year’s resolutions.

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New Years Eve in Times Square in Manhattan, New York, lots of people in the background, after the party lots of garbage in the floor the celebration is over, people going to their homes.

Let’s face the facts. Those new jogging pants aren’t going to see the light outside your closet. And you’re probably not going to break any world records while Netflix exists. And that’s okay.

Below, are quotes from the most pessimistic among us. Those who clearly saw the champagne glass half-empty while ringing in the New Year. While it may be a somber outlook, these sayings can keep your resolutions realistic and your perspective practical.

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