12/31/2015 08:41 EST | Updated 12/31/2015 09:00 EST

Canada's Best Moments Of 2015 (Well, A Few Of Them, At Least)

What a year, we've had, Canada.

2015 was a year of growth for our fair nation -- we strived to be a newer, better version of ourselves, and at times, that meant taking stock and making sweeping changes. And in other moments, we soared to greatness.

Who will ever forget the bat flip, the welcome with open arms to Syrian refugees, the "Because it's 2015?" Who will forget the lessons learned about forging stronger relationships with First Nations? Canadians won't. They spoke up this year to make sure this was heard.

So many moments, so many people made us proud to be Canadian in 2015. Relive a few highlights with us now. Happy new year!

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