12/31/2015 01:01 EST | Updated 01/07/2016 03:59 EST

My Curves Have No Bounds: Rules Curvy Women Should Break

Some rules are just meant to be broken.

Rules guide us in our day-to-day lives. Some may be for our own good and safety, but there are others that are just meant to be broken.

If you're a curvy woman, you have undoubtedly been taught rules for dressing to flatter your curves, whether it be from a magazine, something you've read online, or your mother. But through the 'My Curves Have No Bounds' series, we are proving that plus-size women do not need to abide by any 'rules'. In fact, they can have fun breaking them!

The first step to dressing with confidence and wearing what you want is to break down the rules. So that being said, here are the top rules all curvy women have heard, and the gorgeous women proving they are totally worth breaking.

1. Stay away from horizontal stripes

You've probably heard the rule that unless you are a size 00, you should only opt for vertical stripes. Well, it's time to forget this one! Stripes of all sizes (and directions) can look amazing on every body type.

2. No crop tops

You may have heard about the #RockTheCrop movement that arose after a body-shaming article was published in O Magazine earlier this year. Following the controversial piece, women of all sizes shared photos in their crop tops, proving that anyone can rock a rock.

3. Wear all-black

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We've been told wearing all black is flattering, but how much fun is that? Bold and bright colours are the best way to showcase your personality and style.

4. If you must wear colour, wear dark bottoms

Wearing a coloured pant or even a white trouser can be intimidating, but it really can mix up your wardrobe to give it a fresh look.

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