15 Workout Songs To Start January Right

It's a new year, time for a new playlist

Hands up if one of your New Year's resolves is to hit the gym this year. Or maybe take more walks, prep for a marathon, or just get moving daily.

Whatever your goal of choice, it takes determination to pick up where you left off and fit exercise into your schedule. That being said, we'll make sure you're prepared when you get there. Number one on our list of workout priorities is music.

This can be a year to try new workouts, set new goals and have fun with getting active, you just need a musical push. A motivating playlist is one of the most important things you can bring along to the gym.

It's got to be the perfect combination of instruments, beats and lyrics to ignite your muscles. Whether you like EDM, Caribbean beats or Disney tunes we've got a good mix to keep you motivated.

Take your go-to exercise playlist and switch it up for the new year by adding a few of these songs. Now get to work!

What's your favourite workout tune?