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Kati Mather, Richmond Dog Attack Victim Recovering After Surgery, Says Father

Dog attack victim Kati Mather has successfully undergone emergency surgery after being critically injured Wednesday in Richmond when she was bitten more than 100 times by a 35-kilogram rottweiler-husky crossbreed.

Father Steve Mather told CBC his daughter is now recovering at home, while Kati Mather clarified the breed of the dog on Facebook which the CBC has learned is named Yogi.

"They just said they were playing, they had him tied to a tree, and once they untied him he just attacked," said Jordan Kelly, the father of three-year-old Jayden, who Kati and Jessi Mather tried to protect from Yogi's bites, which is owned by Jessi's boyfriend.

Police were called to the 9200-block of Williams Road just after 1 p.m. PT Wednesday after a report that a woman was being mauled by a dog.

"Kati just kept saying 'Hit the dog! Hit the dog!'" and she was screaming," said Brooklyn Purdy, a young woman who said she and her boyfriend, Jackson Elliott, got hockey sticks to try to stop the violent attack. "We were the ones who stopped the dog and called 911."

Purdy said Kati urged police to shoot the dog.

"Her entire body was in blood. It was so bad to watch. It kept me up for two nights," said Purdy.

One of the officers attempted to distract it while another attempted to save Kati Mather, according to police. Finally, an officer fired a shot to get the animal to run off.

In addition to the multiple bites, Mather suffered a fractured arm and a detached bicep. The 21-year-old was rushed to hospital for treatment.

Twin sister and neighbour also attacked

Jessi Mather was also taken to hospital after being bitten 20 times according to police, while the little boy was unharmed.

Meanwhile a neighbour, 73-year-old Ken Brodie, was also attacked when he tried to help the women.

"That guy Ken Brodie that stepped in and got his hand all bit, he's an older gentleman, but he pretty much risked his life to save them," said Jordan Kelly.

"He needs some recognition. He's definitely a hero. But also the girls stepping in, because I think at one point, Jessi, Jayden's mom was on the ground covering him from being bit."

On social media Jayden's grandmother reached out to express her thanks as well.

Andrina Kelly wrote, "The little boy mentioned is my grandson Jayden and luckily he was not harmed. His mom Jessi and aunt Kati protected him from this vicious attack."

"Thank you to all the first responders that assisted and a special thank you to the police officer that drove Jayden to the hospital, with his new Dalmatian stuffed puppy. I would also like to thank the bystanders that fearlessly stepped in to assist."

Police eventually found and captured the dog. It is currently in the custody of the Richmond Animal Protection Society.

Officers have not said if any charges will be laid in relation to the attack or what the fate of the animal will be.

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