01/04/2016 04:51 EST | Updated 03/27/2017 06:20 EDT

'Harry Potter' Room Decor: 19 Ideas To Make Your Kids' Rooms Magical

Who says a muggle home has to be boring?

Amazon/Summer Nicole Photography

When your normal muggle house gets too dull for your kids, there's no need to pack their bags and send them off to Hogwarts. With the swish and flick of your paintbrush, you can make your own magical abode for your aspiring witches and wizards.

Decor that fits all design tastes, from loud and proud Hogwarts House replicas to subtle DIY projects, can be worked into a running "Harry Potter" motif in your home. Just take a look at the ideas we've rounded up below. And while you're at it, you might also want to follow in Courtney Bonnet's footsteps, the witchcrafty mother who created a Harry Potter-inspired cupboard under her stairs.

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