01/04/2016 12:28 EST | Updated 01/18/2017 05:15 EST

What Does Your Desk Say About Your Work Personality?

Your co-workers probably aren't gossiping about the state of your desk, but like it or not, they're taking note.

In an infographic from marketing software company Marketo, several options are depicted to demonstrate how your workspace may say more about your personality than you think.

It seems everything about us leaves a bit of an impression on others. You're ready with a full bottle of hand sanitizer and tissues at all times, but could that mean you're out sick more often than the norm? You may be judged on being messy, but maybe a minimalist desk means you're a worker who skates by doing the bare minimum.

Are you optimistic, a team player, or maybe a bit of a tech snob? Check out the infographic below to see what telltale worker traits your desk is giving off.

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