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Alberta Health To Sue Ontario Radiologist For Alleged Cancer Misdiagnosis

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EDMONTON — The Alberta Court of Appeal has ruled that Alberta Health can sue a radiologist in Ontario whose alleged misdiagnosis led to costly health care costs for a woman who moved west from Ontario.

Martina Gulevich, who launched the lawsuit alongside her husband and Alberta Health, was living in Brampton, Ont., in November 2007 when she sought medical care for headaches and vision changes.

According to the Court of Appeal decision, Gulevich underwent a CT scan requested by her family doctor, and the scan was reviewed by a Toronto-area radiologist who indicated in a report that the results appeared normal.

Gulevich moved to Alberta in 2008 and, when her headaches returned, she again sought medical treatment.

An MRI and CT Scan done in July 2011 revealed a frontal lobe mass and a day later Gulevich was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour and underwent surgery followed by intensive cancer treatment in Edmonton.

Alleged misdiagnosis

A radiologist and a radiation oncologist retained later by Gulevich and Alberta Health reviewed the 2007 CT scan and concluded it showed a readily identifiable abnormality on the frontal lobe.

The radiation oncologist's opinion was that had the tumour had been diagnosed in 2007, Gulevich could have had surgery before it became malignant.

The allegations have yet to be proven in court.

Both Gulevich and an Alberta Health spokesperson declined comment.

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