01/05/2016 11:45 EST | Updated 01/05/2016 11:59 EST

2 Delicious Vegan Recipes That Are Also Healthy

Your enchiladas won't know what hit 'em.

Late last year, a study from the World Health Organization (WHO) went viral after claiming that bacon and other processed meats can lead to colon, stomach and other kinds of cancer.

Later. WHO stressed people should not completely remove meat from their diets, but instead, be cautious of the overall amount consumed.

But for dedicated carnivores, the question remained — how do you have a meal without the meaty main course?

In fact, there are loads of ways to eat hearty meals that don't include meat at all. A recent video from BuzzFeed shows how to cook two classic dishes, but with no meat.

To find out how to prepare a vegan shepherd's pie, watch the video above.

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