01/05/2016 11:19 EST | Updated 01/05/2016 12:59 EST

Edmonton Mac's Shootings: Bail Revoked For 13-Year-Old Boy Charged

The boy had been on a court-ordered release.

John Ulan/CP

EDMONTON — Bail has been revoked for a 13-year-old boy charged with first-degree murder in the fatal shootings of two convenience store clerks in Edmonton.

The boy had been on a court-ordered release involving prior robbery and weapons charges but on Monday he was ordered back into custody.

The boy is charged along with Laylin Delorme, 24, and Colton Steinhauer, 27, in the deaths of Karanpal Singh Bhangu and Ricky Cenabre.

The two clerks — Bhangu a 35-year-old immigrant from India; Cenabre a 41-year-old immigrant from the Philippines — were working alone in two different Mac's stores and were shot dead minutes apart by masked robbers who made off with small amounts of cash.

"Absolutely unnecessary, gratuitous — evil.''

Video footage showed the clerks had been co-operating before they were gunned down.

Police Chief Rod Knecht has called the killings "absolutely unnecessary, gratuitous — evil.''

Last May, the 13-year-old was charged with weapons offences for allegedly carrying nunchuks and pruning shears, and in October, he was arrested on other counts that included personal robberies and assault with a weapon, specifically bear spray.

Part of his release conditions included that he live with his grandmother.

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