01/05/2016 07:37 EST | Updated 01/05/2017 05:12 EST

Star Wars Baby Named Jedi By Terrace Parents

Jedi — that's the name of Terrace, B.C.'s first baby of the new year, born January 2.

"He was doing little moves when he was born, like a Jedi," said proud father, Justin Squire.

His parents are big fans of Star Wars and when it came time to name their third son, they wanted to stick with a name starting with 'J'. Their two other sons are named Jared and Jade.

"We just like the name Jedi and thought it was a unique cool name that nobody has," said Squire.

In the movie, the Jedi are an ancient, spiritual order and masters of a wide variety of scholastic disciplines whose numbers include teachers, scientists, physicians, diplomats and warriors who value knowledge and wisdom.

Squire says he plans to show Star Wars to young Jedi in a few years, with the hope that he too becomes a lifelong fan.

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