01/05/2016 08:58 EST | Updated 01/05/2016 08:59 EST

Stepdads: 12 Undeniable Reasons Why They Rock


There’s a saying that goes, “Having kids doesn’t make you a father. Raising them does.” These words could not ring truer when it comes to stepdads. From teaching us valuable life skills to being there for all our milestones, stepdads are important parts of our lives.

To celebrate this fact, we looked to Instagram to see all the reasons why #StepdadsRock. Did we miss any?

1) They always have time for a story.

2) They make workouts a breeze.

3) They’re there for all your milestones, from riding your first bike…

To having your first drink…

To even getting married.

4) Their hugs heal all things.

All of the love 😍 #stepdadsrock

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5) And they’re always ready to play.

How lucky am i?? 😆 Ren is the best dad in the world 😙😙😙 #dadsrock #stepdadsrock

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6) They’ll voluntarily be your colour buddy.

Christmas eve color buddies ❤💚 #mrsketch #stepdadsrock

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7) They plan the best movie dates.

This is why I love this man! #stepdadsrock #insideout #stepfatherdaughtertime #heisthebest

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8) Giving piggybacks is second nature.

#family #iloveyou #daddydaughtertime #truelove #family #hugs #oneinamillion #love #stepdadsrock

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9) And their cuddles are always on point.

My #MCM is better than most real dads ❤️🙌🏻 #abondthatcantbebroken #stepdadsrock

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10) They also pass on important life skills, like how to barbeque…

Is there anything hotter than watching your husband bond with your son? #stepdadsrock

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Or how to play hockey.

11) And though they won’t admit it, some have mad hair skills.

12) But mostly, stepdads are just there.

The way they love each other makes my heart explode 💗💗💗

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These two are ALWAYS so silly!!!! #onlystepswehavegoupstairs #stepdadsrock #helovesher #sheadoreshim

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Always and forever.