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Problems Only Dance Moms Understand


Being a dance mom is a full-time job. Between driving your kids to their classes and fixing their dance gear, life is always busy! But while the job is rewarding in so many ways, being a dance mom does come with its own set of problems. Here are just a few from Instagram that all dance moms know too well.

1) You find bobby pins everywhere.

2) Your furniture is constantly moving so the kids have room to practice.

3) Your laundry consists of more leotards, booty shorts and crop tops than you can count.

Laundry day... #dancemomproblems #fourballerinas #oneballerino #boysdancetoo

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4) Dinner at the dance studio becomes a regular thing.

5) And you almost always miss the game, because you're there.

When you can't watch the game because you're at the dance studio. #DanceMomProblems #ComeTogether #GoJaysGo

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6) Competition weekends can be stressful, but rewarding.

Let.the competition weekend begin!!! #dancemomproblems #dirtydirtygoose

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7) Fixing your kids' dance gear becomes part of daily routine.

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8) Mastering dance hairstyles can be deeply overwhelming.

HAIR FOR DAYS // it's a pain for both of us to put it up #dancemomproblems #bun #dancelife #dancemom #hairfordays

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9) But after three years, you eventually nail it.

10) The number one complaint in your house is: "I need new tights. I can't find any!"

"I need new dance tights. I can't find any and I looked everywhere." #averageparentproblems #dancemomproblems

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11) Your kids' costumes pile up so high, you need a second closet.

12) And finally, you rarely find time to do things for yourself.

My life ☺ #dancemoms #dancemomproblems I wouldn't have it any other way #dancelife ❤❤

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But honestly, you wouldn't have it any other way…

I'm her # 1⃣ FAN!! 🎀🎶💗 #DanceMomLife #DanceLife DazzlingDolls 💁✨

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Because in the end, it's worth it to see your kids do what they love.

Two 1st Place Gold wins today! #MissDonnasSchoolofDancing #DanceMomLife #ShowStopperTour

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Being a dance mom rocks!


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