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Haven Dubois, Regina Teen, Might Have Drowned Due To Marijuana Use: Coroner's Report

"I believe there is more to the story," says the teen's mom.

Chell Arella Dubois/Facebook

REGINA — A Regina woman says she isn't satisfied with a coroner's report into the death of her 14-year-old son last spring.

The report says Haven Dubois drowned accidentally, but marijuana use was a significant contributing factor.

The teen was unresponsive when he was pulled from Pilot Butte Creek east of Regina in May.

His mother, Richelle Dubois, says there's at least one mistake in the report.

She also questions the extent of the investigation because no one took a statement from her.

"I'm not satisfied with what they had to say.''

She won't elaborate on what she feels is missing, saying only it didn't include some of the tips she passed on to police.

"I'm disgusted that they think that I'm going to be OK with their little 2 1/4-page report,'' she said. "I'm not satisfied with what they had to say.''

Dubois takes issue with the first line that describes a 911 call to report a youth found face down in the water.

"They're saying he was face down in the water. That's not how he was when I found him, so right off the hop, it's not accurate.'' Dubois said Haven was lying on his left side.

Mourners remember Haven at an event on Sept. 20, 2015, in Regina. (Photo: Memory Walk/Facebook)

The report outlines interviews with Haven's friends, who said they skipped a school job fair the day he died and started smoking marijuana.

They said he started "freaking out'' after smoking the drug, and described him spinning in circles and rolling on the ground.

One boy said he walked with Haven to a park and left him sitting on a bench while he went back to the high school to get his backpack and skateboard. When he got back, Haven was gone, but some of his clothes were on the bench.

The report says another friend took the clothes to Haven's home and told someone there that he had seen him walking by the creek. That's when his mother began to search.

"I believe there is more to the story."

Dubois found her son unconscious in the creek.

"I don't know right now what to believe. I believe there is more to the story and I believe that they had their mind made up from Day 1 as to what was happening.''

She acknowledges that she didn't believe her son was taking drugs, but she now admits she was naive.

"After doing my own investigation with some of his friends, I did find out that he had dabbled in it, he had tried it, so it was not his first time smoking marijuana.''

A toxicology report said there were active components of marijuana in Haven's system. The coroner noted that the effects of the drug can vary considerably and are subject to the age and experience of the user.

It also states that "even in low doses, marijuana can precipitate a panic reaction and irrational behaviour.''


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