01/06/2016 12:23 EST | Updated 01/07/2016 01:59 EST

NewLeaf Travel To Offer Low-Cost Flights To 7 Canadian Cities

Toronto is the world's fourth most expensive airport to land in, so NewLeaf is flying to Hamilton.

Canada will have a new “ultra-low-cost” airline as of next month.

NewLeaf Travel launched its website Wednesday, advertising one-way flights within Canada for as little as $89.

The new airline can offer lower airfares in part by flying to less-busy airports that offer lower landing fees.

For instance, instead of flying to Toronto’s Pearson Airport, which recently ranked the world’s fourth-most expensive airport in which to land, NewLeaf will fly to Hamilton’s lightly-used John C. Munro Airport, some 80 km away.

The seven cities where New Leaf will be offering service are:

  • Abbotsford, B.C. (near Vancouver)
  • Halifax, N.S.
  • Hamilton, Ont. (near Toronto)
  • Kelowna, B.C.
  • Regina, Sask.
  • Saskatoon, Sask.
  • Winnipeg, Man.

The airline is also keeping costs lower by not listing on any booking sites — customers have to visit the airline’s own site to book tickets.

The airline aims to join the ranks of the world's "ultra-low-cost" carriers, such as Spirit and Allegiant in the U.S. or Ryanair and easyJet in Europe.

But that means a truly stripped-down flying experience. “Your fare gets you the two essentials: a seat and a seatbelt. The rest is up to you,” the NewLeaf website states.

Not exactly crowded: Hamilton's lightly-used John C. Munro International Airport will be one of NewLeaf's destinations, as the airline avoids pricier airports like Toronto's Pearson. (Photo:

Passengers can “customize” their experience by paying for priority boarding or purchasing refreshments, and even carry-on baggage will cost you — $25 per bag.

But “if fits easily under your seat – it’s free!”

There are additional fees for unaccompanied minors ($110-$125), changing bookings ($75-$100) and having your boarding pass printed at the airport ($10), among others.

The airline, which is headquartered in Winnipeg, has contracted Kelowna, B.C.-based charter carrier Flair Air to provide the aircraft and crew for its flights.

It plans to launch flights on Feb. 12.