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North Korea Hydrogen Bomb Announcement Is Bizarre

"True peace and security do not happen as a result of humiliation-laden entreaties or conciliatory meetings."

Below is a translation of North Korea's announcement on Wednesday.

An event that marked a special place in our 5,000-year history is reverberating throughout the universe in this age of transformation when our millions of citizens, embracing with their burning hearts the Korean Worker’s Party’s appeal for combat, continue to achieve progress with brilliant miracles and accomplishments by launching overwhelming assaults that hasten the full establishment of juche-ideology(self-reliance) and our final victory.

As part of Korean Workers’ Party’s strategy, juche-Korea’s first hydrogen bomb was tested successfully on Jan. 6, juche-year 105 (2016).

Relying one hundred percent on our own knowledge, our own technology, and on our own resources, we have proven that our technological data on this newly developed test hydrogen bomb was correct and also the power of the miniaturized hydrogen bomb.

It was also confirmed that there were no negative consequences to the surrounding environment and nature, the test being perfect in execution and safety. The latest hydrogen bomb testing goes a step beyond our nuclear armament capability.

With the flawless execution of the historical hydrogen bomb test, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea proudly joins the ranks of those nations with both the nuclear and hydrogen-bomb capability, and as members of a nation that boasts the highest faculty in nuclear deterrence, our citizens can now be even more proud.

The latest hydrogen bomb test by our nation was in answer to increasing threats of nuclear attack and animosity on the part of the U.S. and its bellicose allies, a self-defensive effort to ensure our national autonomy and the survival of our citizens.

In the history of the word, “hostile,” there has never been a more deeply seated, brutally hostile attitude than the one U.S. has had against Korea(North).

The U.S. is a band of crazy highway thugs who has used, to eternal incomprehension, the unprecedented strategy of political isolation, economic sanctions, and military pressure, and then, with that not being enough, has accused us of planning a nuclear war, all because of differing ideologies and systems and because we refuse to submit to its belligerent ambition. The Korean peninsula and the surroundings, thanks to the American imperial forces, its nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and nuclear-armed air force all converging in the area, has become the flash point, a potential fuse for the start of a nuclear war.

By gathering other bellicose nations under its wings, the bloodthirsty U.S. is trying in various ways to contravene our economic efforts and to slander us with accusations of “humanitarian” problems not only to impede our efforts to construct a more formidable state and better livelihoods for the citizens but also to effect a “regime collapse.”

That our republic, facing the origin of all aggressors, the U.S., which is constantly on the lookout to attack us with its massive, murderous nuclear arms, pursued the very just hydrogen bomb campaign is a legal right for an autonomous state, a right that no one can dispute.

True peace and security do not happen as a result of humiliation-laden entreaties or conciliatory meetings.

Today’s harsh reality proves once again that we have to take charge of our own fates; that we can rely only upon ourselves.

When a pack of wild dogs are on the attack, you can do nothing more foolish then drop your rifle.

The incredibly successful testing of hydrogen bomb by our republic was a national and historical event of huge import that will absolutely ensure our people’s future in millions of years to come.

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, by working to dismantle the U.S.’s heinous plan for nuclear war, is the true peace-loving nation, one that is doing all it can to ensure peace and security on the Korean peninsula.

As a responsible nation with nuclear weapons capability, we will not launch a nuclear weapon nor will we transfer any know-how and related technologies if we are not attacked first with nuclear weapons.

As long as the U.S.’s anti-Korean(North) policy continues, we will never abandon our nuclear efforts or development.

Our military and citizens will work to strengthen even further both in quantity and quality our just ability to counter nuclear contingency, an effort that will guarantee the future of our juche-ideology to thousands of years. Juche-Korea(North) that marches forward under the great banner of Worker’s Party will prosper for all eternity.

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