01/06/2016 02:59 EST

Man Cleverly Tricks Wife Into Naming Baby After Soccer Team

A dedicated soccer fan cleverly tricked his wife into naming their baby girl after his favourite team – and she didn’t find out until two years later.

In an excerpt from an unidentified magazine, Australian mom Clare Smith explained how her daughter got the unique name “Lanesra.”

Smith’s story was posted to Twitter and Reddit earlier this week. The post amused a number of people who then weighed in on the name. While some thought the moniker “had a nice ring to it,” others joked that Chelsea, the name of another London football club, might have worked better.

Despite this, some noted that the name Lanesra wasn’t so odd after all. “This is not actually the first Lanesra I've heard of (unless it's the same girl)...” a Twitter user wrote.

“I know a girl called Lanesra,” an Imgur user agreed. “In Portsmouth, England.”

And to top it all off, some users even noted that the backwards name trick wasn’t uncommon among parents either. As one user explained: “Friend of mine dated a guy named Semaj. Thought it was a cool ethnic name... totally his dad's name backwards (James).”


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