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The Best Fitness Bootcamps You Can Find Online For The New Year

Oh January, you fickle month. You bring on the cold, but also all the pressure to work out and get into shape. But we think we have you figured out.

If your intention this month is to make exercise a regular part of your life — or if you're already in great shape and want to keep it up — we might just have come up with the perfect solution: online bootcamps.

Of course, online fitness videos are nothing new — we rounded up a selection of great free online workouts last year — but for the winter months, it helps to have a little more, well, inspiration. That's why we've put together this selection of seriously kickass fitness gurus who tend to put together challenges that will make you hate them and love them at the same time.

Take a look at our picks and let us know — do you have someone online who makes you get your butt moving every day? We want to hear about them.

Base Body Babes

B A S E B O D Y S A L E Jump on our website now (link in bio) to save $80 off our BBB Workout & Eatwell Package. It's now only AUD$100. SALE ENDS in 24hours. 🙌🏻 Enter code "bbbnewyearsale" on checkout to receive our discount. Try this lower body workout and let us teach you more!!! It's a tough one, so have fun👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 Tag a gym buddy that you could try this with👯 A1 10 x Good Mornings A2 10 x Leg Press A3 10 x Box Jumps A4 10 x 45' Back Extensions A5 20 x Kettlebell Swings Perform A1-A5 back to back and rest at the end of A5 for 2-3mins and repeat circuit again 3-4 times. Remember babes, these circuits aren't all you need to do to #buildabasebody, you can't do the same thing everyday, you need variation, strength days and progression. We ALWAYS include STRENGTH TRAINING, so get on our program so we can teach you how to lift safely, correctly and efficiently to get the best results💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Smart programming is the key 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Let us be your online trainers, so we can help you #buildyourbasebody 🙌🏻 #basebodybabslove #liftweights #gym #basegym #gymbuddies #fitness #fitnessmotivation #australianstrengthcoach #strengthsystem #followthesystem #workoutvideo #basebodybabes #happy #healthy #fit #strong #body #personaltrainers #basebodyfitness #buildabasebody

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What's on offer: For $150 Australian, you get a customized weight training program and online support.

The hashtag to follow: #basebodybabes

Also on: Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter

Body Rock TV

What's on offer: YouTube workouts that range from quick hits to full cardio routines, working on different muscles and skills. The community element of support is huge, and bootcamps are offered constantly, like the free intermediate one that's currently up for grabs.

The hashtag to follow: #BodyRock

Also on: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter

Tone It Up

What's on offer: Currently in the midst of a January challenge, the site offers everything from workouts to recipes to exercise planning tips (i.e. how the hell to fit all of this into your day). There's also premium information available for those who pay the big bucks.

The hashtags to follow: #TIUChallenge #TIUTeam

Also on: Facebook, Twitter


What's on offer: Workout and recipe videos on YouTube, as well as 30-day challenges that inspire people to get involved

The hashtag to follow: #blogilates

Also on: Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+

Kayla Itsines

What's on offer: Kayla and her "BBG" (bikini body guides) have a cult following, and it's easy to see why. You can buy her 12-week program, or follow along on her app, which includes plenty of ever-changing challenges.

The hashtags to follow: #bbg #bbgcommunity

Also on: Facebook, Twitter

Fit Challenges

😍 Great partner workout by @powergirls_fitness #fitchallenges#thesquatchallenge #squatchallenge

A video posted by Fit Challenge ( on

What's on offer: E-books with fitness challenges — though their Instagram collects great inspiration from around the web in and of itself.

The hashtags to follow: #fitchallenges

Power Girls Fitness

What's on offer: Lots of mini clips of workouts, both on Instagram and YouTube, that show the power of working out with a partner.

The hashtags to follow: #fitgirlsunited #fitgirlvideos (though of course, not confined to them)

Also on: Facebook

Adam Rosante

What's on offer: His Instagram account is currently posting a workout a day alongside fellow Instagram star Idalis Velazquez with useful instructional videos with moves you may have never seen before.

The hashtags to follow: Currently #committofit, a sponsored program with Target, but his hashtags tend to be inspirational, like #DustYourselfOffAndTryAgain

Also on: Facebook, Twitter

Natalie Jill

4 minutes! Workout @nataliejilldvds style 💪🏻😊 The point of my short workouts are not for them to be EASY, but to give you the opportunity to KICK UP THE INTENSITY for a short period of time and CHANGE your body! Here is the plan: Side Plank Walks (30 seconds each side) Side Plank Knee to Elbow (30 seconds each side) Reverse bridge One Leg Rocks (1 minute each side) Are you IN!? --------------------------------------------------------- 💕💕Get the best of my Bodyweight workouts with my DVDs! @nataliejilldvds ------------------------------------------------------- Want more help from me? 🙋🏻 🍎Download my super easy to follow nutrition program - the PLAN in the bio link of @7dayjumpstart 💪🏻Download my newest "STRONGER"program at the bio link of @strongerbynataliejill 📲Download my workout app at the bio link of @nataliejilltonedapp ➡️Download my guilt free recipes at the bio link of @unprocessyourdiet

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What's on offer: Quickie workouts that Jill says are meant to up the intensity of your exercise, but it's really her DVDs that she wants to sell you on. But there are great tips to be found in her Instagram posts, like this one on foam rolling.

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