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Corey Galandy Sentenced For Kidnapping Boss, Taking Him To Strip Club

What a night.

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Police stand on the steps of the Law Courts in downtown Edmonton, Alberta on June 18, 2015. AFP PHOTO/GEOFF ROBINS (Photo credit should read GEOFF ROBINS/AFP/Getty Images)

An Edmonton construction worker was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison for kidnapping and assaulting his boss before taking him to a strip club to party.

Corey Eugene Galandy, 30, pleaded guilty to kidnapping, robbery and impaired driving.

Galandy said his boss owed him and other co-workers thousands of dollars. A drunken Galandy called his boss, Daniel Gillespie, on Dec. 11, 2012, to ask for money that he said was owed to him, according to multiple reports.

Gillespie met Galandy in a parking lot to give him $50. Galandy then asked his boss to take him to another co-worker's home where Gillespie happened to also live.

Gillespie complied, and they drove to the home, where Galandy assaulted him and took his cellphone, wallet and tools.

Galandy then took Gillespie to an ATM, where the boss withdrew $400 to give to the employee. At this point, the tone of the night changed.

"You're not such a bad guy."

Galandy told his boss, "You’re not such a bad guy," according to the National Post, and the pair headed to strip clubs where they both proceeded to drink and party.

After getting kicked out of a second strip club, Galandy drove into another vehicle while trying to leave the parking lot. When police arrived, Gillespie said he had been kidnapped.

Despite the fact that Gillespie had opportunities to escape at the strip clubs, according to defence lawyer Laurie Wood, Judge Shelagh Creagh ruled that the kidnapping and assault were still "very serious offences," reports the Edmonton Sun.

"I think everything that was said was pretty straightforward," Galandy told the court during sentencing, according to Vice News.

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