01/06/2016 19:30 EST | Updated 01/06/2017 00:12 EST

Ezinne Okparaebo, Norwegian Olympian, shows off unbelievable track workout

If you need some New Year's workout motivation, look no further than Norwegian Olympian Ezinne Okparaebo.

The 27-year-old sprinter put the average person to shame by sharing one of her impressive training routines on social media on Sunday. She needed only five leaps to cover 28 stadium steps. 

It definitely isn't the typical approach to stair jumps. 

Okparaebo is a two-time Olympian who qualified for the women's 100-metre quarter-finals in Beijing and the semifinals in London. She holds the 100m record in Norway with a time of 11.10 seconds. 

She most recently came in 15th in the 100m at the IAAF world championships in August.