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New Year's Style Resolutions: The Fashion Promises To Make Yourself In 2016

If you’re committed to a style makeover in 2016, make these fashion promises to yourself and stick to them.

In the grand scheme of new year’s resolutions, promising that you’ll add more colour to your wardrobe probably sits several notches below becoming a better person or doing more for your community.

Recognizing that, improving the way you dress is something many people still strive for as part of their overall self-improvement when a new year kicks off.

We don’t like to put too much weight on appearances but the power of feeling and looking great can lead to much more than just a great outfit.

If you’re committed to a style makeover in 2016, make these fashion promises to yourself and stick to them.

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Focus on fit

Fit is something we’ve all ignored because we simply had to have that skirt or top. It might have been two sizes too big or a touch too snug but we were going to make it work. This usually leads to a lot of wasted money because you’re ultimately not going to feel comfortable in the item and it won’t look as good as an item that actually fits.

If you can afford it, invest in more custom items and expert tailoring.

Shop smarter

It’s easy to impulse shop, but if you fight the urge, you could easily have the cost of a vacation saved by the end of the year. If you had waited another month, you could have snagged the same item at a deep discount. This year, shop smarter by exercising a little more patience, paying attention to sales and using shopping apps to help you find the best deals online and in store.

Make it about clothes, not trends

The runway is always lovely to admire but not all trends are suitable for you. In 2016, make it a point to focus on clothes that are true to you rather than making choices based on trends.

Utilize your entire wardrobe

We’re all guilty of only utilizing the same 10 newer items in our closets. The items we purchased three months ago are easily forgotten and for no good reason other than boredom. You’ll never know what new and fresh outfits you can put together if you don’t take those forgotten pieces of clothing out and wear them.

The first step is to organize your closet so you can see all your options. Cramming things into storage bins will guarantee half your wardrobe never sees the light of day.

Shop local

It might be cheaper to shop fast fashion, but sometimes, it’s worth buying less so you can afford quality while supporting a local designer. Canada is full of talented fashion designers just itching to dress you. Typically, a lot more care is taken when it comes to tailoring and quality so you can be sure you’re getting something that will last.

Try it

A dress just caught your eye but the voice in your head is telling you that you’ll never be able to pull it off. That could be the case but you’ll never really know until you try. If you’ve always been conservative in your fashion choices, keep an open mind this year and you could find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Accessorize more

Accessorizing is something many of us neglect to do because it takes an extra five minutes in the morning. Granted, if you’re dashing out two minutes before work, deciding how to layer your necklaces isn’t exactly a priority. Accessorizing can completely transform an outfit so don’t discount the power of adding a few shiny baubles to your outfit.

Learn to take care of your clothes

Don’t complain about an item of clothing not living up to its price tag if you consistently store it on your bedroom floor. Your clothes will look better and last longer if you follow care instructions. Keep a few garment bags kicking around for more expensive and designer items.

Something as simple as knowing what laundry setting to use for certain items will keep your wardrobe looking new and fresh.

Look in unexpected places

Those entrenched in fashion know this to be true, but not everyone is aware. If you’re used to hitting up the mall and going to your regular big box retailers, change your routine a little. Your all-time best fashion finds may not always be found at Zara.

Instead, seek out boutiques, consignment stores, your mother’s closet, sample sales and even flea markets. If you’re scoffing at the idea of finding clothing at a flea market, you’ve obviously never set foot in LA’s Rose Bowl Flea. Toronto’s Leslieville Flea Market is also rife with magnificent gems yet to be discovered.

Borrow more

Over consumption continues to plague first world countries. Many of us buy and discard without a second thought. This year, consider borrowing clothes from friends and family every now and then, especially if you know you’ll never wear the item again. Personally, I’m more than happy to lend clothes to friends knowing that I’m saving them a few bucks and contributing to less waste.

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