01/07/2016 11:58 EST | Updated 01/07/2016 11:59 EST

Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen's Diet Is 80% Vegetarian

We expect no less from a supermodel and a Super Bowl champ.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that a Super Bowl champ and a supermodel follow a strict diet and workout regimen, but likely no one expected Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's diet to be this green.

In an interview with, the power couple's personal chef, Allen Campbell, revealed 80 per cent of the duo's diet is vegetables.

“My philosophy is that a plant-based diet has the power to reverse and prevent disease,” he explains.

Campbell, who also insists on buying local, organic and GMO-free foods, says he began focusing on a plant-based diet around the same time he started working with Tom and Gisele. He is such a believer in the benefits of a vegetarian diet that he took a plant-based nutrition course to help him create more nutritious meals for the couple.

As for the other 20 per cent of what they eat, Campbell says it includes whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, millet, beans, and lean meats like organic grass-fed steak, duck, chicken and wild salmon.

And if you think Gisele's diet is harder to follow than Tom's, you'd be wrong. The all-star athlete avoids fruit and nightshade vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and eggplants, due to their inflammatory nature.

Even the couple's three kids eat healthy, with the whole family avoiding caffeine, dairy, white sugar, white flour, iodized salt and fats like canola oil.

The reason? According to Campbell, "If you just eat sugar and carbs — which a lot of people do — your body is so acidic, and that causes disease."

Following a plant-based diet not only helps combat cardiovascular disease, it also lowers blood pressure, body mass index, body fat and triglycerides, says Roberta Anding, director of sports nutrition at Texas Children's Hospital. Anding suggests all athletes look to vegetables to better their bodies, load up on calories and even reduce muscle soreness.

Tom and Gisele aren't the only celebs to promote a primarily green diet. Last year Beyonce made headlines when she announced she is now vegan and famed chef Jamie Oliver also revealed he goes meat-free three days a week.

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