'Two And A Half Men' Child Star Angus T. Jones Is All Grown Up

Angus T. Jones now has a beard?

Remember the boy from the early seasons of "Two and a Half Men"?

The show started in 2003, so Angus T. Jones, its original child star, obviously looks quite a bit different today.

Jones joined the show at age 10, and by 2010, had earned the title of highest-paid child actor in TV history. He reportedly raked in over C$400,000 per episode, according to ET.

The now-devout-Christian left the show in 2013, according to ABC News, after a well-publicized 2012 YouTube video showed him calling it "filth."

As of 2014, he was a student at University of Colorado-Boulder.

While the 22-year-old made a cameo in the show's February 2015 finale, we were still surprised to see what once-tiny Jake Harper looks like today.

Watch the video above to see a recent photo of the star.

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