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Carl Casimer, Prince George, B.C. Man, Sentenced For Assaulting Drunk Teen

Carl Casimer said he does not remember what happened on the night of Oct. 18, 2007, but takes responsibility for his actions.

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A British Columbia man who sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl after she passed out at a drinking party has been sentenced to a year in jail for a "despicable crime."

Carl Casimer, 37, has also been ordered to serve two years' probation for the crime over eight years ago.

A sentencing range of two to four years was appropriate based on similar cases, but a delay in bringing the matter to court resulted in a shorter sentence, along with Casimer's efforts to turn his life around.

He has been sober for five years and is now a full-time father to four children.

No recollection of events

Casimer said he does not remember what happened on the night of Oct. 18, 2007, but takes responsibility for his actions.

He was 30 then, had a long criminal record and was bootlegging alcohol to minors when he ended up at a party in an apartment.

The girl, who cannot be named under a court-ordered publication ban, drank enough to pass out and was put to bed by a friend.

Casimer also drank to the point that he passed out by the living room, court heard during a three-week trial.

A friend later checked on the girl and found her on the floor with Casimer on top of her, and both of them were partially undressed.

Unable to pull him off, she called for help. One of the men who came to her aid kicked Casimer in the face before kicking him out of the apartment.

A 'despicable crime'

Defence counsel had argued for a sentence as low as 90 days served intermittently but B.C. Supreme Court Justice Ron Tindale said Casimer committed a "despicable crime."

"What complicates the determination of a fit sentence is the fact that Mr. Casimer has taken considerable steps to deal with his alcohol addiction problem, and as he said during his statement to the court he's not the same person today who committed this crime," Tindale said.

"This however has to be balanced with the fact that a 13-year-old unconscious child suffered severe abuse at the hands of Mr. Casimer."

Casimer delivered an emotional plea for leniency at a sentencing hearing in August.

Led away in handcuffs Thursday, a sobbing Casimer told his spouse in the gallery that he loves her and is sorry.

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