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Young Deer Rescued After Falling Through Frozen Pond In Duncan, B.C.

The young buck fell through a frozen pond in Duncan, B.C. last week.

This is one lucky deer.

Garry Kerr and his wife, Sheila, were out walking their German shepherd in Duncan, B.C. last week when the dog suddenly stopped in his tracks.

"He was looking at something and didn't wanna move, so I looked into the marsh but didn't see anything. So I gave the leash a tug and the dog still wouldn't move," Garry told The Huffington Post B.C. on Friday.

"Then something caught my eye."

A young buck had fallen through a frozen pond, and was just barely clinging to the surface.

"His head was above water and that was about it. He was struggling," Garry recalled.

Garry called a few friends for help, but didn't have any luck. He phoned RCMP next, and an conservation officer was dispatched to rescue the animal.

"The officer got his waders on, got the little guy out, and brought him to the shore where we wrapped him in a bunch of blankets," said Garry, a retired Mountie.

"He was just completely spent. He couldn't stand, he was so cold and exhausted."

Garry Kerr (in orange) carries the deer away from the marsh alongside officer Erin Stevenson (left) and conservation officer Mark Kissinger (back).

The group took the buck to the SPCA, where he was wrapped in more blankets "straight from the dryer" for over an hour. Once he was on the mend, the deer was brought to a field near the marsh for release.

At first, the deer didn't want to go anywhere.

"We had him in more blankets, and we had him in a dog kennel with the door taken off so he could leave when he wanted," Garry said. "But when I came back later that night to check on him, he was still in the kennel looking pretty comfortable."

Garry ushered the buck out of the kennel and into an abandoned barn nearby, and left again.

By the next morning, the deer had gone.

"A pretty good way to end 2015," Garry said. "A pretty good story."

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