01/08/2016 11:54 EST | Updated 01/08/2016 11:59 EST

The Wedding Ideas You'll Want To Steal In 2016

Cakes are very much in fashion again.

If you're getting married this year, there's no question you're already deep in the planning stages of your big day. But you may be wondering about some of the finer details, and how you can update them for 2016.

We've taken a look and discovered a few trends that are popping up all over the place — from colour schemes to cake decor and everything in between.

Check out our picks for the wedding trends of 2016 (if you're looking for wedding dresses, this is the place), and let us know if there's any new ideas you've been loving that you can wait to incorporate into your wedding day.

Personalized Dishes

When it comes to wedding menus, choosing from your love story can be key — maybe it's what you ate on your first date, or the first meal one of you cooked for the other. The personalized touch will definitely make the food that much tastier.


Serve them after the ceremony or as dessert, with booze or without, but milkshakes are the exact kind of yummy treat guests love to indulge in at weddings.

A Last Dance Song

The first dance is for gazing into each others' eyes — the last one is for getting down and really showing your guests what you're about. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to use that other song you were considering as "your song."

Drone Wedding Shots

As more and more people (and photographers) add drones to their arsenals, wedding parties are being covered from every angle, including the one from above. It's a fun way to get candid shots of the bridal parties and guests when they least expect it.

Selfie Stations

And then at the opposite end of the spectrum, there's the self-directed selfie stations that people can't seem to resist. Go all out with signage like the one below, or just set guests up with a couple of instant camera in front of a picturesque wall.

Circle-Shaped Invitations

We came up with a few ideas on how you can create wedding invitations to call your own, but one of the big differences couples are opting for are new shapes. It says something like, "we're traditional enough to have a big wedding, but our style is way more modern than our parents'."

Naked Cakes

Forget the layers and layers of frosting — the big trend in cakes is a barely-there look that lets guests see exactly what they'll be biting into once the cake is cut. This is just one of the many stunning examples found online.

Pretty in pink 💕💕🌹🌹

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Painted Cakes

And then there's the complete opposite — cakes that are canvases for actual works of art. It's a beautiful way to show off your colour scheme, or even tie it into your invitation.

Classic Soft Drinks And Enhanced Water

Cocktail bars are still just as popular as ever (as are a signature beverage or two), but giving people who don't drink (or don't want to drink all night) options like classic sodas and waters enhanced with fruits will help keep everyone's thirst at bay.

Hanging Flowers

Of course this has been done in weddings around the world for ages, but flowers garlands and innovative ways to hang greenery are cropping up all over the place to stunning effect.

🌸🌺🌼🌹 image:saveoncraft

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Pink And Blue

Ever since Pantone announced their colours of the year, people have been finding beautiful ways to incorporate Rose Quartz (light pink) with Serenity (baby blue). Your wedding is another place they can work together in harmony — check out just a few of these ideas below.

Original Guestbooks

Instead of getting people to just sign their names, couples are asking for a little bit more — whether it's a puzzle like the one below or "bucket list" advice, turning your guestbook into a fun activity can make attendees feel that much closer to the couple.

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