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Lena Dunham Takes Over Hillary Clinton's Instagram Account

"Warning: I'm pretty focused on my outfits."

Lena Dunham took her support for Hillary Clinton up a notch Friday, taking over the U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful’s Instagram account for a campaign event in Portsmouth, N.H. “Warning: I’m pretty focused on my outfits,” the writer and actress wrote.

In less than a month, New Hampshire will host the nation’s first primary on Feb. 9.

Dunham posted a photo with fellow Clinton campaigner Abby Wambach, of the U.S. women's soccer team, and another of Dunham's patriotic red, white and blue outfit.

.@lenadunham is taking over Hillary's Instagram today! Follow for updates from the trail:

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) January 8, 2016

Dunham said at an Iowa event Saturday that she supports Clinton “because of her policies, because of her track record, because of her beliefs – and a little bit because of her pantsuits.” She dismissed the notion that she would only vote for Clinton because Clinton is a woman. “This assumption is condescending at best and it is sharply misogynistic at worst,” Dunham said.

The celebrity has long been a fan of Clinton’s, interviewing her last September for her website In the video, Dunham asks her whether she’s a feminist, to which Clinton responds, “Yes, absolutely.”

And when Republican frontrunner Donald Trump tried to revive the Clinton’s 1998 sex scandal, Dunham came out swinging.

“I think that women should not be forced to constantly answer for the rhetoric around their husband’s (sic) lives,” Dunham told People. “It’s really important to view Hillary as an independent candidate.”

The admiration appears to be mutual. “Hillary was drawn to Lena's unique voice, dynamic talent and strong commitment to women's rights,” Clinton aide Kristina Schake told Politico.

Should fans take this as a sign that Dunham wants to run for office herself? Never say never, she said in the People interview. But… probably not. “I don’t think I have the constitution for that kind of attack mode.”

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