01/09/2016 07:13 EST | Updated 01/09/2017 05:12 EST

Sex Scandal At Regina Jail: Food Service Worker Fired

Troy Fleece/CP
A food service worker from a private contractor providing meals for the Regina jail has been fired amid reports that the worker was caught having sex with an inmate.

CTV News reported Friday that the incident took place in a cold storage area of the jail.

CBC News asked a provincial corrections spokesman whether a food worker was caught having sex with someone detained at the jail. Drew Wilby said that jail officials responded to a security breach concerning the employee of a food service provider. He said the worker is no longer allowed in provincial correctional facilities.

The worker was with Compass Group, which was contracted in November to feed inmates in facilities across the province.

"Compass acted on this concern to the satisfaction of the ministry."

"A security concern about a Compass employee was brought to the attention of Regina Correctional Centre staff and management," Wilby said. "That concern was taken directly to Compass. Compass acted on this concern to the satisfaction of the ministry."

CBC News has learned the employee was fired.

Compass Group has also been in the news in Saskatchewan about the food service it has been providing. Some inmates at the Regina jail have refused their food trays, noting that some meals were undercooked and had other issues relating to quality.

As well, inmates of the Pine Grove Correctional Centre, a provincial jail for women, wrote a letter complaining about their food.

When those issues arose, Wilby said officials were taking the concerns seriously, and were working with Compass to ensure offenders were receiving quality meals which meet the standards of the Canada Food Guide.

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