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'Bowie's In Space' Singer Jemaine Clement Says Fans Are In For Complex Singalongs

David Bowie took his last breath and made his way to another side of the universe Sunday — dying “peacefully,” surrounded by family after an 18-month fight with cancer.

On Monday, Jemaine Clement of New Zealand comedy band “Flight of the Conchords” reacted to the news of the Starman’s passing by sharing a “beautiful” and amusing thought about the millions simultaneously discovering and rediscovering Bowie’s greatest hits.

Clement and his writing partner Bret McKenzie are known for dedicating an episode of their hit comedy series to the iconic musician, parodying Bowie’s famous alter egos and signature syncopated vocals in 2007.

Listen to “Bowie” here:

Over a decades-long career, the British singer collected legions of fans with every genre he crossed and cultural barrier he smashed.

A master of reinvention in both music and film, Bowie lauded some interpretations others have taken of his songs, calling select versions “more interesting” than the input he put into his own.

Bowie died three days after his 69th birthday — the same day he released his latest album titled “Blackstar.” It was heralded as a “tense and melancholy” drama, its requiem theme made obvious only after his passing.

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