01/11/2016 03:08 EST | Updated 01/11/2016 03:59 EST

Skratch Bastid's David Bowie Mix Is A Perfect Tribute To Music Icon

A Canadian DJ’s tribute to David Bowie is going viral Monday, finding an audience in fans seeking musical comfort and uplift after news of the rock icon’s death.

Paul Murphy, known by his stage name Skratch Bastid, was working late in his Toronto studio when he heard about Bowie succumbing to cancer at the age of 69 on Sunday.

“Lots can be said and written to eulogize prolific artists like him, but I think the most appropriate way for a DJ to celebrate my favourite artists is by sharing their music,” Murphy wrote in a Facebook post. “So how about a little routine?”

Facing a camera, Murphy pulls a vinyl copy of Bowie’s 1983 hit single “Let’s Dance” out of its sleeve and placed it on a spinning platter. He breaks out into dance while mixing it with an identical copy of the same record turning on the table to his right.

Listen to Skratch Bastid’s tribute below:

The Bedford, Nova Scotia-born “turntable champion” was previously nominated for his producer work on Buck 65’s album “Situation.” The three-time Scribble Jam DJ Battle winner thanked Bowie for creating music worth grooving to.

“So this one's for you, David — a tribute,” wrote Murphy. “Just having some fun with a dancefloor smash that has always been a favourite to double copies of while keeping people moving.”

“Don't mind the smilin', I can't help it,” he said. “Rest easy.”

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