01/13/2016 02:18 EST | Updated 01/11/2017 05:12 EST

Woman Fights Revocation Of Security Clearance That Cost Her Airline Job

TORONTO — A Somali-Canadian woman is asking a judge in Toronto to reinstate the security clearance she needs for work with an airline.

Ayaan Farah, 31, says Ottawa unfairly revoked her Transportation Security Clearance a year ago, leading to her firing from her full-time job of eight years.

Her lawyer tells Federal Court that the government has never provided proper justification for its decision.

Ottawa says it took the action based on RCMP reports that Farah had associated with three criminals.

However, the government has never told her who they are, citing privacy reasons, nor did they interview her, family members or the people she allegedly associated with.

Her lawyer calls that unfair, noting she was never given a hearing where she could answer the allegations.

"Lack of disclosure in this case is a problem," lawyer Mitchell Worsoff told Federal Court.

"We're working in a vacuum. She can't properly respond."


The Canadian Press