01/12/2016 04:38 EST | Updated 01/12/2016 07:59 EST

This Couple Just Gave Excellent Long-Distance Relationship Advice To The World

It's barely two weeks into the new year, and this woman is already a front-runner for girlfriend of the year.

Graphic designer Mikki Miller lives in Minnesota, while her boyfriend Tyson Noel lives in British Columbia.

While she was visiting him over the holidays, Miller hid a gift in his room, and when he texted her on a tough day three days later, she finally told him to look under his side table.

Tucked behind his mess of tripods, Tyson found a briefcase filled with envelopes and packages. Each one was labelled with handwritten instructions on when to open, so he could have something from her to help with every emotional battle that's bound to come.

There was a pink sachet for "when your bed no longer smells like me," an envelope for "when you're angry at me," and another for "when you're in the mood for some cheesy cuteness," which is exactly what this idea is on the whole. So cute even, we're willing to forgive the envelope marked "open when you're sick of Canada."

He shared photos of his mysterious goodies on photo-sharing site Imgur and the comments have been filled with oohs and ahs, and plenty messages to "hold onto her for dear life."

This is the perfect way to make up for big time heartaches and even just the everyday moments you miss out on when you live far from your significant other.

We can only imagine how he's going to return the gesture!

when your gf lives 2 time zones away and leaves you surprises

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