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17 Of The Most Clever and Quirky Names For A Dog

According to, 49 per cent of pet owners chose a human name for their dog in 2015. But what about the potential puns, celebrity references and geeky monikers you could bestow upon your pets?

Not to worry. featured a few good picks on their best dog names of 2015 list, and we found some dog names and reference points ourselves.

These will definitely make your relationship with your furry little friend even more interesting.

Because after all, the most terrible puns have the potential to be the most clever dog names:

Jimmy Chew

Does this 50ct. diamond necklace make my butt look big? @tivolkc #jimmychew #yesitsreal #tivol #pickingoutmommysweddingring

A photo posted by Jimmy Chew (@jimmychew_lovesyou) on

Bark Wahlberg

Check out this EXCLUSIVE, just leaked still from the movie Ted 3, starring everyone's favorite Wahlberg 🐶🐻

A photo posted by Bark Wahlberg (@bark.wahlberg) on

Channel your inner tech nerd:


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#chicago #dognamedgoogle #waterdog

A photo posted by Trevor Haskell (@trevorhaskell) on

Or your inner geek:

Goku from "Dragon Ball Z"

Yoda from "Star Wars"

How can he not put a smile on anyone's face. Look at that tongue!

Chewbacca from "Star Wars"

Try naming them after your favourite celebrity

Tina Fey

David Bowie

Biggie Smalls

#biggiesmalls #matese #notoriousbig

A video posted by Biggie Smalls (@the_dog_biggie_smalls) on

Draw inspiration from the magical world of "Harry Potter."

Albus (Dumbledore)

Luna Lovegood

Happy Christmas from my dog, Luna Lovegood

Or your favourite literary reference:

Mr. Darcy from "Pride and Prejudice"

Squirrel! #mrdarcydog #brittany

A photo posted by Heidi Cox (@heidi_cox) on

Virginia Woof

Introducing Virginia Woof #virginiawoof #ginny #gingin #dog #puppylove #dogsofinstagram

A photo posted by ♔matty♔ (@mrmkblack) on

A nod to your favourite '90s TV show.

Buffy Summers from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Buffy's day out #BuffyTheDog #cute #dog

A photo posted by BuffyTheDog (@dognamedbuffy) on

Topanga from "Boy Meets World"

Good morning from topanga #goodmorning #prettygirl #puppy #topanga #topangathedog

A photo posted by clever girl (@sarah_jean_tabarez) on

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