01/13/2016 10:56 EST

TDSB Twitter: Snow Brings Out Ontario School Boards' Sassiness, Apparently

On Tuesday, GTA students turned to Twitter to find out if the "bad weather" was enough to warrant a snow day.

On Tuesday, students in the Greater Toronto Area were surprised to wake up to 10 centimetres of snow after having a relatively mild winter so far. Naturally, the hopeful students turned to Twitter to find out if the “bad weather” was enough to warrant a snow day.

To their surprise, the Peel District and Toronto District School Boards both got sassy with their responses.

Hinting at the Peel School Board to give them a snow day, one student tweeted out a photo of the weather saying, “@PeelSchools just in case you had absolutely no idea what the weather is like today, I thought I'd give you an update.”

The board was quick to respond, slyly saying:

Ten centimetres of snow wasn’t enough to justify a snow day in the Peel and Toronto school districts, reports CityNews. As a reminder to start getting ready for a full day of class, Peel School Board tweeted:

The TDSB also reminded its students that schools would be open for the day, eliciting a number of complaints from the kids. In response, the school board proved its sass game was strong by sending out a series of hilarious tweets.

The school board even used current slang to both amuse the kids and convince them to get to class.

In the end, the kids laughed off the tweets, praising the school boards for their great sense of humour. “Whoever runs this account, u are savage so good job,” one student wrote.

Another said: “To whoever's behind this account, you're the MVP. Respect.”


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