01/13/2016 01:43 EST | Updated 01/14/2016 12:59 EST

'Kudatah' Commenter Probably Wishes They Had Written Under A 'Nomdaploome'

The phrase has a certain "genehsaykwah."

If you're planning on overthrowing the government and installing your own, perhaps consider a spelling lesson first.

A Facebook comment calling for a "kudatah" against Rachel Notley's NDP government has sparked hilarious online responses, after someone mangled the phrase "coup d'état."

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The comment, which was originally posted Nov. 30, 2015, was made in response to a post by Global News Edmonton about an Alberta legislature rally over the government's farm safety bill.

It made its way to Reddit, where it was posted under the headline "Geniuses plot 'kudatah' in Alberta."

The post, predictably, was immediately met with mockery — spawning a Twitter hashtag and satirical Facebook event for those looking to attend the "kudatah."

Seriously, though, think of the poor person who posted this. We bet they wish they had used a nomdaploome.

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