01/14/2016 01:59 EST

Patrick Stewart Has A Simple Secret To His Epic Abs

Patrick Stewart is 75, but you wouldn't know it by looking at this recent photo.

Dear #HFPA, I am so overjoyed by my @goldenglobes nomination I decided to coordinate my look today. #aquasocks

A photo posted by Patrick Stewart (@sirpatstew) on

The "Blunt Talk" star stunned the Internet with the December beach shot, in which he rocks some very impressive abs.

While many of us might be planning to use our golden years as an excuse to give up mind-numbing workouts, not Sir Patrick.

“Pushups. It’s that simple,” he told ET at the Golden Globes Sunday when asked how he stays so toned.

He also said he thought viewers would focus more on the effort he put into colour-coordinating the photo.

“It wasn’t really the abs I was thinking of showing."

Well, that was what everyone noticed.

It's no secret that the actor is pretty fit. He showed us all back in 2014 with this shot of him doing a one-handed push-up.

If you'd like to feel more depressed about your own exercise regimen, watch the video above.

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