01/14/2016 12:26 EST | Updated 01/14/2016 12:59 EST

What Makes You Happy At 5 Can Still Make You Happy At 105

Chocolate will make you happy for as long as you live. Knew it.

There's no cookie cutter answer to what will make people happy, and if anything proves that, it's this video.

People are different, but that doesn't mean that what lights up your nine-year-old self won't still bring you joy at 31.

This video by lifestyle site SoulPancake gives you the rare chance to compare how happiness can vary for different age groups.

The interviewers quiz people from all different backgrounds from ages zero to (more than) 100 about what makes them happy. Granted, the months-year-old baby responded mostly by blinking.

Their food interests jump from gummy bears to coffee (from a three-year-old to a 25-year-old), and some passions like swimming and family time seem to be eternal.

They list everything from playing tag to hearing your daughter laugh. But of course, the oldest of everyone, a 105-year-old man, gives us the key to truly living a happy life.

Play the video above to check out everyone's answers.

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