01/15/2016 12:22 EST | Updated 01/15/2016 12:59 EST

The Easiest Way To Curb Cravings

If saying no to sweet (or salty) foods is something you struggle with, you'll be happy to know swearing them off isn't the best method for curbing the craving anyway.

A new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology finds that if you tell yourself you will enjoy the food later, you're more likely to resist the temptation. And this trick might even help you in the long term.

The researchers said by saying “some other time,” a signal is sent to the brain to de-value the temptation, reducing your desire for it.

Food cravings can be the result of three different scenarios: conditioning, physiological urges and addition, says registered holistic nutritionist Yuri Elkaim. Cravings may also signify a need for nutrients like grains, dairy, iron or zinc.

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