01/15/2016 03:16 EST | Updated 01/16/2016 01:59 EST

Pacific Centre Suspicious Incident: Vancouver Police Search For Men Who Took Video Of Mall

Vancouver police are looking for three men who were seen taking video of the entrances and exits of the downtown Pacific Centre mall.

Sgt. Randy Fincham said that the "suspicious incident" involving "Middle Eastern looking men" happened around 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

An internal police memo, which initially reported four men, said surveillance cameras captured them taking 360-degree video inside the shopping centre, as well as images at the entrances and exits.

Mall security tried, but failed, to locate the men, said the memo.

"There is no information to believe that these men have committed a crime. Nor do we have information to believe that the public is currently at risk," said Fincham in a late Thursday news release.

"Police are interested in speaking with them about their activity in the mall."

Pacific Centre, which has more than 100 stores, is directly connected to two SkyTrain stations, and the Four Seasons Hotel.

UPDATE - Jan. 15, 2016:A Vancouver police news release says the men have been identified: "All three men were co-operative with investigators and they had a very logical explanation regarding their behaviour. The investigation has conclusively determined that their actions were completely innocent."

Chief Const. Adam Palmer told a news conference that the information about the suspicious incident was included in a confidential police bulletin, and was never intended to be released to the media.

"We weren't planning on going public with it at this point because we didn't feel it was something serious enough to go public with at this point," he said.

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