01/16/2016 04:33 EST | Updated 01/16/2017 05:12 EST

'Suspicious' Men In Vancouver Mall Feared Attack

VANCOUVER — Two men and a teenager labelled "suspicious" because they were taking photos of a Vancouver mall feared being attacked on the street after local media published their images, says their doctor.

Dr. Weidong Yu of the Wellspring Clinic for Holistic Medicine says the trio are visiting from Manchester, England, so that two of them — a teenager and a young adult — can be treated at his clinic for a visual disability.

He says they suffer from a disorder that causes blurry vision, and they take lots of photos in order to zoom in on them later and see the sights more clearly.

Yu says the trio were frightened of public attacks after online news outlet Vancity Buzz published on Thursday night leaked surveillance images of them at Pacific Centre mall.

But he says they trusted Vancouver police and called them Friday morning from his clinic, where officers attended and conducted interviews in a "trained and professional" manner.

Police say an internal memo, which labelled the men "suspicious" and included the surveillance photos, was never intended to be public and that after speaking with the trio they're confident their actions were "completely innocent."

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