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Calgary Fundraiser For Teen Injured In Tobogganing Accident Raises Over $20,000

Rally 4 Alex/GoFundMe

A fundraiser for a Calgary teen paralyzed in a tobogganing accident has raised over $20,000 in just two weeks.

Alex, whose family requests his last name not be published, was tobogganing with friends on the evening of Dec. 21, 2015, when he ran into a light post, according to a blog documenting his recovery. Alex told his friends he couldn't feel his legs and they immediately called 911.

The 15-year-old received back surgery and remains in hospital. Before the accident, Alex was a cadet and played high school football, according to his family's blog.

The funds — which were raised by a GoFundMe titled "Rally 4 Alex!" — will go toward modifying the family's home, purchasing a wheelchair and other medical expenses.

Tobogganing safety

Since the accident, Alex's parents have called for increased safety measures at the hill in the northwest Calgary neighbourhood of Silver Springs where the teen was injured.

A post on the blog documenting Alex's recovery calls for the city to either put up signage warning about possible danger at the hill or put a fence around the pole to make the area safer.

The City of Calgary lists only 21 legal locations for tobogganing or sledding, and the Silver Springs hill is not one of them. The 21 hills are maintained by the city, and regularly inspected to determine if they're safe. Calgarians wanting a hill to be considered for the list can call 311 to have the hill assessed by city staff.

Hills not listed by the city are illegal to sled on, and could land tobogganers a $100 fine.

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