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Banana Peel Uses: 9 Unusual Ways To Make Use Of Everyone's Favourite Fruit

For starters, who says you can't eat them?
Banana Peel on Sidewalk
Banana Peel on Sidewalk

Before you go ahead and chuck that banana peel in the garbage, you might want to consider what else you can do with it.

If your new year's resolutions include being more environmentally friendly this year, here are nine ways to make more use out of a simple fruit. According to an infographic by Quid Corner, it turns out banana peels can be used to do everything from shining your shoes to reducing the visibility of scars.

The graphic also mentions eating banana peels — something on which not all health experts agree. Nutrition consultant Leslie Bonci told the Today Show in 2015 that although banana peels can be quite nutritious on their own (they have vitamin B-6 and B-12), there are no studies that show our bodies can absorb them.

She also adds banana peels aren't delicious either, so we suggest possibly skipping tip number four. How do you use banana peels at home? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out the full graphic below:


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