01/19/2016 08:14 EST | Updated 01/19/2017 00:12 EST

Burkina Faso: Quebec City schools to hold minute of silence

A moment of silence is being observed in Quebec City schools this morning to commemorate the six Quebecers killed during a terrorist attack in Burkina Faso's capital city last Friday.

Four staff members of the Commission scolaire de la Capitale were among those killed, prompting the school board to suspend classes at two schools Monday.

Yves Carrier, a retired principal, his daughter Maude Carrier and Louis Chabot worked at Cardinal-Roy High School and Jean-de-Brébeuf School. Suzanne Bernier, a retired principal, worked at Saint-Paul-Apôtre School.

Two other Quebecers, Yves Carrier's wife, Gladys Chamberland, and their son, Charlelie Carrier, also died in the attack.

All six were in Burkina Faso on a humanitarian mission to build a school.

The school board plans to provide extensive psychological support and services to staff and students throughout the week.

Teachers and staff met with psychologists Monday in order to prepare for students coming back to school.

"To be capable to answer students, if not to listen, to welcome comments and to respect periods of silence — these are all things that will be offered to our teachers by our staff psychologists," said Érick Parent, director of communications for the school board.