01/19/2016 17:24 EST | Updated 01/19/2017 00:12 EST

Judge to give jury final instructions in 'Mr. Big' murder trial

The judge in the high-profile murder trial of Joshua Williams will give final instructions to the jury on Wednesday after the Crown made its final arguments today.

Abiram Subramaniam is accused of killing 18-year-old during a fight in 2011. Prosecutors say they have Subramaniam confessing to the murder on tape, but the confession was made using a controversial "Mr. Big" sting. 

An undercover officer pretending to be a crime boss developed a friendship with Subramaniam over several months and got him to confess to the killing.

Police resorted to this tactic because an eyewitness at the killing refused to collaborate with police.

Lead defence lawyer Alexandra Longueville says the confession is worthless.

"It was an induced confession, and I think it's really important to analyze that confession with the denial that was made two months prior to the confession," Longueville said.

Subramaniam also faces a lesser charge of robbery against Clinton Sathiyaseelan, a friend of Williams, who was present when Williams was killed.

Crown prosecutor Louis Bouthillier said Williams was trying to break up a fight between Subramaniam and Sathiyaseelan on March 22, 2011, when he was stabbed six times.

He said Williams had not met Subramaniam before that evening.

The trial began on Nov. 5 last year.